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Diana Vreeland, first 8 fragrances

Diana Vreeland, the well-known editor of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue and a woman who changed the face of fashion in the 1960s (she died in 1989), now have 8 fragrances in her name and inspired to her style.

“Each scent unveils a vibrant top note, echoing Madame Vreeland’s distinct style”, revealed her grandson Alexander Vreeland, who pays bold homage to his grandmother launching this collection. “Olso the bottles representing aspects of her personality”.

The color block glass embodies Vreeland’s love for color. Five perfumes was launched last year during New York Fashion Week, and now the line arrive also in Italy, with 3 new fragrances, at Olfattorio Bar à Parfume, in Milan, Florence, Rome, Turin, Bologna and Bergamo from the end of November. Each fragrances have a particulary history… For example, Extravagance Russe was created as an homage to Mrs. Vreeland’s love of Orientalism. The scentwraps luxurious resins and balsams with precious vanilla bourbon and musk for an enhanced impression of skin like and captivating sensuality.


  1. Hi Paola, thank you for featuring the Diana Vreeland Parfums! Please note that the collection contains eight (8) fragrances as noted in the image now.


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